Many theories and formulas have emerged over the years in order to standardise the bike fitting process. It has resulted in cyclists being positioned in a prescriptive range that rarely and only coincidentally is accurate.


Every person differs in functionality and limitations. To reach a correct result in each case, we use The Body Positioning and Foot Activation techniques that provide individual optimisation.


Our Dynamic Bike Fitting Session includes looking into the functional relationship of your:

  • Foot leverage
  • Extension of the legs
  • Pelvic rotation and spinal flexion
  • Hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps workload and balance
  • Extension of shoulders and arms
  • Balance / Body mass distribution
  • Torque analysis and pedalling technique


The session is conducted on our Position Simulator and Pedalling Analyser. The resulting settings are applied to your bike.


Aerodynamic Profiling / Preferencing is a body positioning service for TT and Triathlon cyclists looking for the most aero position that is efficient and sustainable for their target riding intensity and duration.


Pedalling Analysis It is often surprising how much of the power we produce on the bike is wasted due to inefficient pedalling technique or functional limitations. With Pedalling Analyser we track down your weak points and help you improve your efficiency.


The Shoes and Cleats Fitting service is intended for cyclists that are new to clipless pedals or unsure about the positioning of their cleats. Experienced riders with foot / knee problems are advised to take a Dynamic Bike Fitting Session as the problem cannot be tackled without looking into body positioning.

Good to know:

  • A Dynamic Fitting Session will take up to 4 hours. Consultation and Sizing for a New Bike and Shoes and Cleats Fittings takes approximately 45 min.
  • The sessions are conducted in English. If Estonian is preferred please mention it when booking.
  • For the fitting session you should bring your bike, cycling kit, shoes and -if possible- old pedals. You will be riding at your usual effort level during the session.
  • At the end you will receive a report on your new settings and body position – besides a custom fitted bike*. Your old settings are also recorded for reference.
  • You are covered for a follow-up fitting within the next six months that may be required due to your change in form, recovery from an injury, or simply, a change in target.
  • For us to be prepared for your session, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire when booking a session.


  • Dynamic Fitting Session is €195
  • Aerodynamic Profiling is €165
  • Pedalling Analysis is €95
  • Shoes and Cleats Fitting Service is €30


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The perfect fit is not an equation but an understanding of the cyclist’s functionality and limitations.